JB chats with Santa
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Top of The Charts and The Open Road with Jeremy Bradley celebrate Christmas in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
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Ice skating -- or as Canadians call it: skating -- is fun any time of the year. But it is even better on a sunny mild winter day when your big Ukrainian nose can get a sunburn. I have to tell you, skating, talking and recording a cellphone video is harder than it seems. Even though I was skating laps around most of the people here I feared taking a tumble by lacking co-ordination on the ice.
I had big hopes of meeting Santa Claus while in Pittsburgh... and my wish came true. Set up at the Christmas market, St. Nick was there chatting with kids (and grown-up ones) to hear what they want for the holiday season. Santa told me what's popular this year. He also shared with me what one kid wants for Christmas. It really makes you think about life. Have a listen.
After spending a bunch of money, I made my way down a side street to an outdoor skating rink. Yes, even with the unseasonably mild weather, you can lace up some skates and go in circles around a giant Christmas tree. I have to admit, I have never seen ski boots used as skates. The ones you can rent at PPG Place don't have laces. It is pretty weird, if I must say so myself -- a Canadian who doesn't play hockey but was born with the natural ability to skate.
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