Proving science IS fun
After seeing (and hearing) the trains chug down the tracks, I got a chance to go behind the scenes and see where they are made and stored. Believe it or not, they are hand-crafted here by staff. There is a little workshop just off the exhibit where Carnegie staff create the mini Pittsburgh that, I should note, is here all year round.

While the entire display is fun, I recommend hitting the button to make the train whistle blow. I might have done it a few -- seven -- times.

It's time to get rolling (I had to) and see the robots. I'm told they are pretty smart and one is even better at basketball than I.
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Top of The Charts and The Open Road with Jeremy Bradley celebrate Christmas in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
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Before we get to the real science stuff, I had to check out the huge train display at the Carnegie Science Center in Pittsburgh. If I behaved I was promised a meeting with some famous Star Wars robots.
Take a look at the sprawling display of electric trains that zip through the "city" all day long -- literally. The lights go up and down so it's daytime and nighttime as you walk through the exhibit.
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