The Nutcracker
Opening night for any performance show is filled with excitement and nervousness. We were fortunate to be invited to The Nutcracker and get backstage with the cast after the show. Seeing this famed holiday ballet is becoming a tradition for me. Though the story is, for the most part, the same, each ballet company produces a very different show. For the Pittsburgh Ballet Theatre (spelled the right way!) the audience is taken back to a time when they believed toys really could come to life.
JB chats about The Nutcracker
The Nutcracker is at the Benedum Center (spelled the wrong way!) and its charm in the lobby and even up in the balcony is something to see. Walking inside and looking around there is a long-standing history of the theatre in Pittsburgh.

Back inside the theatre, the show continues on with the famous songs you remember from childhood but maybe forgot they are part of The Nutcracker. (You'll know 'em when you hear 'em.)
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Top of The Charts and The Open Road with Jeremy Bradley celebrate Christmas in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
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After the show I was invited backstage to learn some ballet moves from the Sugar Plum Fairy. Gabrielle is the expert but I did offer my assistance if she needed any dance tips. Let's be honest: she doesn't need them.
Have a listen to our chat after the show.
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