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Top of The Charts and The Open Road with Jeremy Bradley celebrate Christmas in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
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Still on the
A bird's-eye glimpse of Pittsburgh
Congratulations to Jeremy Bradley, twice named outstanding talk media webcaster by TALKERS magazine!
Top of The Charts and The Open Road with Jeremy Bradley Pittsburgh broadcasts brought to you by
naughty list
Nutcracker fun
Jeremy Bradley recaps the latest celeb news and gossip on Entertainment Wrap Up
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Jeremy Bradley checks out the sporty city... with lots of great food
Science really is fun
Checking out holiday trains and meeting some very famous robots
Festive flowers at Phipps
Around town
Jeremy Bradley takes in opening night... and learns some moves backstage
Jeremy Bradley chats with Santa and goes for a skate
the perfect
Going for a ride
Incredible views
The lights and the flowers at the conservatory
Taking a spin (literally) at the Kennywood amusement park...
...and winning some cute prizes
Presents from all over the world at the outdoor market in Pittsburgh