Festive flowers at Phipps
It is hard to say in one breath (try it, I dare you) but we're at the Phipps Conservatory and Botanical Gardens Winter Flower Show and Light Garden: Holiday Magic. The place has been transformed into an indoor winter wonderland with lights and flowers everywhere. Do you know how many thousands of poinsettias there are here? Really, do you know? I had to ask. Check out the interview on the next page.
I am not much of a flower person but it is pretty amazing to see the displays. The exhibits are grouped into different sections and each tells a story. In fact, there are some great spots to tell a wedding story. Perfect photo opps all over this place.
The fun isn't contained in the building. There is an entire walkable display outside. During our visit it was raining so it didn't give a snowy Christmas feel but the lights and music were a nice touch for the holidays.
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