Tempting the tastebuds
I am not much of a breakfast person but when I heard I can have waffles with chicken, bacon and cheese -- with Jim Beam syrup poured on them -- I had to have it. Our stop to Waffles, INCaffeinated was pretty good.
Admittedly, the waffles could have a bit more toppings given the price you pay for them but they were pretty good nonetheless, or it's just the Beam talking.
Certainly I have never seen as many toppings for waffles before. It was fun trying out a bunch for breakfast.
Despite ordering something so heavy, the meal didn't slow me down at all for the day.
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Top of The Charts and The Open Road with Jeremy Bradley celebrate Christmas in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
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Primanti Bros. lets you order fries with your sandwich but makes them part of the sandwich. Ditto with the coleslaw. I have to say, it's a new way to eat a sandwich for me but it was fairly good. Also good: the giant pickles and the whiskey and Coke. Lots of interesting flavours here.
Another great lunch was at Burgatory. When I saw they have a drink featuring my dog (Basil) I had to have one... or three. Kudos to the restaurant for having the fattest straws ever. The food took an incredibly long time to get to us despite much of the restaurant being empty, but it was worth the wait. Loved the chicken burger and ability to build it with the fixins I wanted.

Overall, it was the best food and drinks I had in Pittsburgh. (Well, minus the late-night KFC run I had after having a bottle of wine in my hotel room.)
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